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PROVE – Promoting and Selling

PROVE is an inter-territorial co-operation project between eight Local Action Groups located around Portugal that provide continuity to the experience and methodology developed as part of the IC EQUAL inititiative which is intended to resolve issues related to the marketing of local products and to take advantage of the proximity of producers and consumers in peri-urban areas.

This is a Leader co-operation project that aims to promote new forms of short marketing chains between small producers and consumers thereby i) helping producers sell their produce, directly and immediately obtaining a fair price for their work, while ii) consumers receive quality products and have direct contact with producers.

Specific objectives include:

  • To stimulate local sustainability processes by promoting new forms of short marketing chains for agricultural produce, especially between small producers and consumers;
  • Creating networks for product and/or production method innovation.
  • Developing new income sources for farmers through the diversification of farm activities, such as teaching, tourism and cultural activities;
  • To promote and reinforce the local business capacity of small producers;
  • To make full and effective use of the internet and ICT to promote sales of fresh local produce;

Main Activities

  • Publicising the project and training mediators (local experts promoting the PROVE methodology) through seminars and training workshops;
  • Promoting activities to create and develop PROVE producer areas;
  • Publicising the project and its results.
  • Running workshops for experts and producers on drawing up Farm Intervention Plans for the encouragement of farm diversification;
  • Creation of the Local Marketing Experience Network to acquire technological skills, share resources and knowledge, and minimise the costs associated with marketing of local produce;
  • Promoting the PROVE website and G-PROVE on-line ordering system for home delivery of fresh local produce;
  • Visiting producers in the PROVE areas;
  • Taking international research trips and drawing up a PROVE Farm Intervention Manual (guide to best practice) for preparing PROVE Farm Intervention Plans;

Results and Benefits

  • Expanding and strengthening the local food sector in Portugal by creating 20 new PROVE areas and linking local producers to consumers via the PROVE website and G-PROVE on-line ordering system;
  • Attracting new consumers to support the local food sector through the comprehensive and easy-to-use G-PROVE on-line ordering system;
  • Developing Farm Intervention Plans and encouraging the diversification of farming activities.

Lessons Learnt

  • The concept of local identity is essential when drawing up local strategies.
  • A local approach encourages participation and initiative among local stakeholders.
  • This method ensures knowledge transfer and the dissemination of best practice between producers, consumers and partners.
  • The success or failure of a strategy depends on how the interests and relationships between local stakeholders are structured.
  • Local processes involve a series of main stages and essential foundations to stimulate relations between producers and consumers. It is important to be clear and dynamic, and to allocate responsibilities and authority in order to encourage the local trading of quality local products and services.

Contact Information:
Project website: www.prove.com.pt
Contact: Cláudia Bandeiras (prove@prove.com.pt)
Tel +351 212 337 938
Language for communication: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

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